Sunday, November 14, 2010

and now I regale you with a tale from my childhood.

...which is also a Christmas story!
well, a pre-Christmas story.....

A few weeks before Christmas (when I was around 6 or 7) we got our Christmas tree, a six-foot-something Douglas fir that was beautiful on one side, and a little homely on the other. So we did what we always do and just hid the ugly half in the corner, and began decorating. Now you see, I was not a particularly tall child, but I did have a zest for Christmas, which is why the bottom third of the tree was beautifully ordained with little nut crackers and glass ornaments, and the top looked a little dismal. So I, Chloe Keedy, patron saint of the Christmas trees, decided to do something about it, but we had run out of  suitable ornaments. Reasonably, I tried rearranging the ornaments to fit, but I knew I needed one more ornament to really pull it all together- and then I saw them on the table. Ten silver, shiny, keys on a keychain just begging to be hung up in the celebratory hunk of dead wood that was in all essence my brainchild. So I did.

A few hours later my mother needed her keys, and I, having finished adorning the dead hunk of wood and leaves in my living room and gone on to other tasks, had forgotten all about them. Which is how my mother, father, sister, and I spent a good hour searching for those keys.


  1. that.
    was a beautiful story.
    i think we should make a satiric video about it.