Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top 5 reasons why I love my dog

1. Her growl sounds like a lion, which is useful for scaring off hungry wild animals (except bears; a hungry bear is unstoppable).
2. She is part dingo, which is also useful for scaring off animals, but mostly hikers.
3. She is unbearably soft
4. She can store an uncanny amount of dirt in her fur
5. She is not a bear.


  1. "Top 5 Reasons why i [HATE] [your] dog"
    1. She ALWAYS growls at me
    2. She scares me off when i'm hiking or sitting
    3. She has weird fur
    4. Her weird fur is dirty
    5. "She is not a bear".

  2. Rachel, I love you.
    But don't be hatin' on Rosie!
    She's only mean to you because she knows you hate her!