Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventure over.

Newport with my Girl Scout troop was AWESOME. really.
We have some of the most unique people in our troop, including parents.
This weekend we had:

(names coincide with picture below)
Me- Accident prone and awkward. And puns. SO MANY PUNS.
Rachel- Has the longest femurs ever. Well, maybe not ever. But they're long. She's also my best friend.
Jaqulin- Is a fantastic Jewish Filipino. And she's great. (yes, "Filipino" is spelt right... I checked.)
Katie- Is not weird like the rest of us, but she provides amazing commentary. Also muchies.
Alyssa- Provides hours of entertaining anecdotes, not to mention CANDY.
Maggie Riehn- Has an entrancing english accent. Loves birds, and knows about pretty much everything.
Pam Sheriff- Takes care of us! She's great. Also she is the s'more making champion of the world.
Aaron Keedy (dad)- ex-army officer, retired engineer, unemployed teacher. He has the best stories/jokes
Debbie Keedy (mom)-Kindergarten teacher. Plant enthusiast. Keeps me in line.

In any case, the weekend was pretty much amazing. We kayaked and biked and made s'mores and swam in the beautiful heated swimming pool at our "rural" campsite. My dad told weird funny stories and our troop finally got back to saying grace. But now I have a big painful bruise on the top of my foot and it's all swollen. Oh well.

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  1. you are the only one with no pants:) i love this picture:)