Thursday, October 21, 2010

I realized today that I can't swallow a drink and breath in at the same time.

But this story isn't about me. This is about how my mom tramatized a whole class of kindergarteners today.

When my mom was about thirteen, she had an accident on a skateboard and knocked all of her front teeth (precisely why I've never been on one). Anywho, she got a replacement set and all was fine and dandy... sort of. My mother is exceedingly accident-prone, especially when it comes to her teeth (they've been knocked out by the dog, a sprinkler, our van...).

So my mom is teaching phonetics today to her kindergarteners when.... yep. Her tooth goes sailing across the room into the crowd of thoroughly disillusioned 5-year olds. Now my mother is not the youngest lady in town, and could not find her tooth, so she employs the help of a few of her students to retreive it for her, after which she convinces them she is the witch from Hanzel and Gretel (which they read earlier in the day) and is likely to eat them up if they don't behave.

Moral of this story? Mom rocks.

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