Friday, October 15, 2010

I love my friends.

Really. And not like I love puppies, or tacos, or shoes. I REALLY love my friends. And not just my BESTBESTBEST friends either (well, yeah they're included, but not just them) . People don't realize how the little stuff makes me feel so good.

Take Holly Hart for example. She is so pretty and great she could probably go her whole life without ever having to be nice. But she is a total sweet-hart (pun intended). She says something nice to me everyday, and even though I only see her in one class a day, I love her to death.

Or Dylan Price. He cheered me up by saying "Pretend ---- forgot her gauntlets... then blew up" which led me to imagine this:

Which made me forget my anger and giggle.

Yeah, there are many other people who I can give specific instances about. But instead I'll just list some. No order.

Rachel Riehn. Almost everyone in journalism. Liz Toeller. KT Rosenthal.

There're more. But im tired.


  1. And we all love you Chloe! You are such an amazing person! You are so pretty, creative, funny, fun and nice! You make everyones day by just showing up:]
    Thank you.

  2. hmmm. I really have to wonder who could've forgotten her gauntlets (sarcasm was inserted). ^.^
    But cwoooeee! You're ok. Even McNair knows the difficulties you're facin with your section. You don't need to stress out so much on them. Focus a little more instead on the good things, like the fact most of them won't be in band to ruin your senior year. You have the power to keep them out of band... ANDDDD! you have a lot of peeps who care bout ya and like to see that smile we've all come to know and love! =D (gee, that was cornier than i expected) -_- <-- what an asian.