Friday, October 8, 2010

Today, I relieve my stress.

"Stress?" you say, "you're only 16 years old! you don't know what stress is! pooh pooh!"

Well, I like to think that I do. In fact, I think its arguable that I spend more time at my "work" than most people with an actual job. I am responsible for grades in 7 classes (AP US History, AP Biology, Honors English, Journalism, Pre-Calculus, Jazz Band and Marching Band), all of which have homework or some "extra" thing I am required to do.

Take Marching band for example; I wake up at 5 o'clock, leave my house at 6:20. When I get to school, I set up my instrument, then count the number of people in my section (there should be 5 freshmen, 2 sophomores, a senior, and myself). As section leader, I am expected to ensure that everyone in my section has their music memorized, and plays it with correct dynamics, articulation, and tone. It came to my attention that the majority of my freshmen do not know how to read music, and the majority of my section has extreme difficulty playing. So I spend most of my time teaching them (consider that a private lesson costs a minimum of $20 from an "adult" and I do this for free). After school (2:35- 5+) I am responsible to have my section marching satisfactorily (correct posture, correct horn positioning, correct foot timing, correct technique, correct visuals, etc.) as well as incorporating the musical work from that morning. Yeah, I love marching band. But it is stressful.

Add into the mix the hours of homework I have from my AP/Honors classes, working toward my Gold Award, and worrying about college, and, well, it all adds up. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at school from 6:40-5:45. Thats eleven hours a day, not including homework. Wednesdays I am at school eight hours. Fridays seven. Add into that one and a half (average) hours of homework a night, and I have almost a seventy hour workweek. Not including football games on Fridays, and competitions lasting up to 15 hours on Saturdays. And though I do choose to do these activities, and I really do love them, just sometimes I need a little rest.

WHICH IS TODAY! Today is a day off, and sorry teachers who aren't getting payed for today, but I'm really happy about this. As described pictorally here.

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