Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Ass" is not an adjective, its a noun.

I'm dreadfully sorry if you find the word "ass" to be objectionable, I personally try not to curse, but it would be difficult to write this post without "ass".

It has come to my attention that more and more people have began to use "ass" as an adjective. As in:
  • "Hey man, thats a nice ass car!"
  • "That's a cool ass bike"
  • "That's a good ass sandwich!"
Initially this peeved me quite a bit, however, I have acquired a solution! Whenever someone says something is "nice ass ___" or "cool ass____" or what have you, I simply imagine they are talking about an ass-car, or an ass-bike, or a delicious ass-sandwich. So in a normally objectionable situation, such as

"Hey, John, that's a nice ass car!"
"Hey Dave! You've got a nice ass car yourself!"

I can simply deflate my anger by imagining this alternative situation:
And suddenly it all makes sense.

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