Friday, October 22, 2010

Why today was substantially better than any other day for the past month or so.

Today I went on a feild trip for the first time since 8th grade. Four girls from Journalism and I rode in the rickety old school van all the way to the University of LaVerne for Communications Day.

It was amazing.

Yeah. I'm pretty certain I have to be friends with Katelyn, Aurora, Angelis, and Christina for the rest of my life. I'll try to explain the awesomeness pictorally.

*I did not say vagrant. But I did say I was thinking of becoming a professional Jazz musician. Which is just as good.
**I honestly can't remember what they said. I'm sorry.

And they still like me! (or at least pretend to...) Maybe they'll stop, because I'm pretty sure I spelt everyone's name wrong. My apologies.

and to end this on a good note....
Did you know some lady knowingly rode around with a mummified homless lady in her backseat for 3-10 months? 

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