Friday, October 8, 2010

Yeah, I don't really listen to rap.

but Saul Williams is a freakin' prophet.

Today we're doing "Penny for a thought"

"to be honest, some freedom of speech makes me nervous;
and you looking for another martyr in the form of a man,
hair like a mane with an outstretched hand
in a roar of hearts, thoughts,

reactionary defensiveness and counter intelligence"

yeah, this guy's got it. Which is probably why everyone is still listening to Ke$sha
and Lady Gaga and 3oh!3

"an emcee told a crowd of hundreds to put their hands in the air
an armed robber stepped to a bank and told everyone to put their hands in the air
a Christian minister gives his benediction while the congregation hold their hands in the air
love the image of the happy Buddha with his hands in the air

hands up and feel confused, define tomorrow;
your belief system ain't louder than my car system"

Maybe I'll be a rapper.

or maybe not.

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